While there is no cure-all for pest problems, implementing these strategies in tandem can help you stop uninvited guests from compromising your quality of life. read more

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Texas Realtors won’t provide member info to competing statewide Realtor site,

The executive board of the Texas Association of Realtors has turned down a request from the Houston Association of Realtors for membership data that would have been displayed on the Houston association’s consumer-facing website, The move limits which Texas … read more

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Should You Consider a Metal Roof?

Frequent concerns for people unfamiliar with metal roofs are fear of rust, noise and denting, but care has been taken to engineer metal roofing to solve these potential issues. read more


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Learning the True Costs of Living in a Community

Relocating can be one of the most exciting and important decisions a family or individual makes. When families relocate, they’re choosing more than just a house or apartment: they are also selecting the schools, job opportunities, green spaces and other characteristics that come with that community.   And, at the center of it all is a […] read more

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Now that Twist is gone, what location apps can keep a Realtor on schedule?

I wrote a post about the wonderful app, Twist, a few months ago. I LOVED this app and always made sure everyone knew about it. Twist was an app that would allow you to send notifications to your clients to let them know when you would arrive for appointments … read more

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The Long Road to Paradise

Author Don Wallace reflects on falling in love with life on a French isle, but buying a home there was no dream. read more

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Mortgage Foreclosure Laws

Foreclosure is the process of terminating a home loan that is in default and transferring the property from the borrower to the lender. The foreclosure process becomes more common when the real estate market has declines and more homeowners find themselves unable to make monthly mortgage payments on their homes. California has strict legal guidelines to the process of foreclosure that homeowners should be aware if they begin to fall behind on their loan payments. read more


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Translate Your Summer Travel Into Home Decor Inspiration

Summer is a season for travel. I’m not much of… read more

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Secrets to converting phone leads into real estate clients

Former President and CEO Allan Dalton once observed that the real estate industry is great at generating leads — it’s converting those leads that is the issue. With inventories being tight and loans harder to obtain than ever, you’re probably wondering how to maximize your income over the next few months … read more


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Aging Homes May Present Big Bargains

Bargain-hunters be ready: An aging housing inventory may offer up some golden opportunities, according to a new analysis. read more


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5 things to know about open houses

Read full story for latest details. read more

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Answer to “Decorate This Space: Pick the Right Wall Decor”

You guessed correctly if you chose option A. Lemons and… read more

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How to Compete Against a Cash Buyer

Someone buying a home with credit can still compete against cash buyers and win. read more


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How to Calculate Payments for a First-Time Home Buyer

Since a home is likely the single largest and most important purchase the first-time home buyer will make, he should seek an affordable monthly payment. Begin with evaluating monthly income and expenses to determine how much he can comfortably afford. He must also consider additional expenses associated with homeownership, such as homeowner’s insurance, property taxes and, in some cases, private mortgage insurance. read more


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Why I Love My Bathroom-in-A-Box

If you love good design but can’t get there yourself, Lowes’ ready-to-go bathrooms could be for you. They were for me, and this is why. read more

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